Read what parents say about us

“I would like to thank you lots! Since J started her sessions with you, we have seen such a renewed passion for her English and she is now considering taking both Literature and Language for A level.  Exciting times ahead!” Mrs G


“E’s improved confidence in her English skills is very much linked to the work she does with you.  I have never known her to be so enthusiastic about English and I have been so impressed by the progress she has made. If you can fit her in for the next academic year, we would very much like to continue.”

“A. found the first session very useful and wouldn’t stop talking about it. She will be there at every session going forward!”


I found the entire experience from start to finish both extremely useful and professional.  As a result, I will be enrolling our son as soon as he reaches yr10 into your programme.  I cannot recommend your services highly enough.  Many thanks for helping our daughter through the process, she was made to feel comfortable from the moment she arrived.  Kind regards M


I have nothing but praise for the Mock Exam service provided.  It was very useful, as close to exam as expected and very quick results with a lot of constructive feedback.  Will be in touch again as have a daughter in Yr9. 


I would certainly recommend GCSE School.  Evie found the service extremely useful in highlighting where she needs to focus in these last few weeks.  Bearing in mind she has never had sight of a full literature paper, or indeed had to sit an exam of such a duration, the experience was extremely valuable.  The feedback was thorough and returned remarkably quickly.  Knowing what I know now, I would have been happy to subscribe to a programme of mock exams starting earlier in the year so that Evie had an opportunity to practice again and also so that she could aim to improve her marks by working on the areas highlighted by the feedback.  Mrs Parsons is an absolute star and has also spent a considerable amount of time with Evie after the exams going through her papers and highlighting areas of improvement.  Mrs Parsons has also offered to mark any work that Evie does as part of her revision.  Her support is absolutely above and beyond what could ever reasonably be expected.  I would be very happy to recommend GCSE School and will certainly be using them again for my younger son.  Thank you.  JK