Our teachers

Our mission is to help students pass the new GCSEs by giving them the confidence to succeed.

All of our teachers are highly experienced, subject specialist teachers. Our approachable and friendly manner puts pupils at ease and therefore, ready to learn.

Jude Adamson

Jude is a highly experienced secondary school teacher and Head of Year, with over 20 years experience in preparing students for GCSE exams. Jude’s warm and friendly approach to her students means she is always a welcome face.

Sue Parsons

Sue has been teaching English Literature and Language for over 25 years, across all Key Stages. She is formerly Head of Whole School Literacy and KS3 English at The Crossley Heath School where her lessons were graded ‘Outstanding’.

Sam Warner

Sam has worked in a variety of roles in education since 2005. For nearly 10 years he has been teaching in a range of schools in West Yorkshire. He is a qualified Mathematics specialist at all grades at GCSE and has worked in 11+ tuition for the last 4 years.

Robin Humphreys – Maths

Jon Biggin – Maths

Coral Griffiths – Maths

Daniel Freeman – Maths

Nathan Freeman – Maths

Rebecca Mellor – English

Jackie Doyle – English

Maura Rutherford – English

Helen McMinn – English

Patricia Gallagher – English

All our teachers are DBS checked and GCSESchool is liability insured