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Weekly AQA English and Maths GCSE tuition

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Ensure your child feels confident tackling the challenges of the new English and Maths GCSEs. 

The venues are;

 The Piece Hall, Halifax, HX1 1RE.

Beech Hill Primary School, Halifax, HX1 5TN

Online lessons

GCSESchool Terms and Conditions

FEES – GCSESchool currently take monthly card payments, organised by our payment partner Yorkshire Payments through their acquirer Cash Flows. 

Payment plans factor in 2 missed lessons during the year; if all lessons are attended, 2 lessons will have been received free of charge. 

NON ATTENDANCE – If GCSESchool are informed in advance that a student cannot attend their lesson and alternative provision doesn’t suit, there will be grounds for a refund.  A refund will not be possible if GCSESchool is informed within 24 hours of the class as materials and staff will have been arranged and booked.  All missed materials will be sent home.

PUPIL BEHAVIOUR – The expectation at GCSESchool is that pupil behaviour is exemplary.  If there are any concerns the pupil will be spoken to by the teacher, if this continues, they will be spoken to by Jude Adamson, if there are further concerns parents will be spoken to, if after this poor behaviour continues, the student will be removed from tuition. 

TERMINATING TUITION – There is no contractual agreement with GCSESchool, if you wish to end your child’s tuition, GCSESchool would ask that notice is given before the monthly payment is taken.

HEALTH & SAFETY – GCSESchool takes its responsibilities for the health and safety of its students seriously. All tutors are subject to a thorough check by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

FIRE SAFETY – Fire prevention, precautions and equipment are reviewed and checked regularly.  All fire points are issued to parents at the start of each year and displayed in our venues.  Students will reminded of the fire points at the beginning of each term.

 PUPIL ARRIVAL AND COLLECTION – It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child attends their session on time and that they make provision for them to get home at the end of each session. If a parent is expected and they haven’t arrived at the designated pick-up point, students are encouraged to wait in the building until they arrive.